Mascots will perform only one time. $10 per entry.
There will be 5 categories each worth 20 points.

* Creativity:  Use of music, etc.
* Crowd Involvement
* Use of Props
* Use of Space
* Overall Impression

Routines may be up to 90 sec.

Routine must be performed to music. All music appropriate per TAPPS rules.

Mascots must stay on performance floor during routine.

Mascots will have a maximum of 2 minutes to set up, and 1 minute to tear down and clear the floor. You may have assistance on both.

No liquids, No Confetti, No fire… Performance surface must remain clean and dry.

Make sure your MASCOT is registered in RankOne.

Mascot Adjudication Form


Log into Rank One and view your Varsity Cheer roster.
As you created your team entry, there is a separate button for individual entries. Click the Individual Entries button.
On the Entry page for Individuals, click the jump, tumble, or mascot boxes for those doing individuals.
When you save, there will be an invoice amount at the top of the page and you can print that for your fees.