Entry Fee:     
$40 per entry.


    • Performance
      • Mascots shall perfom individual routines
      • Only one mascot per performance
    • Performing mascots
      • will perform only one time.
      • Mascots must stay on performance floor during routine.
      • Limitations
        • No liquids,
        • No Confetti,
        • Confetti like substances
        • No fire…
        • without prior approval from TAPPS
      • Performance surface must remain clean and dry.
    • Time Limitations
      • Routines may be up to 120 seconds.
      • Mascots will have
        • a maximum of 2 minutes to set up, and
        • 2 minutes to tear down and clear the floor.
        • Assistance may be provided for both set up and tear down.
    • Music
      • Routine must be performed to music.
      • All music appropriate per TAPPS rules.

There will be 5 categories each worth 20 points.
     * Creativity:  Use of music, etc.
     * Crowd Involvement
     * Use of Props
     * Use of Space
     * Overall Impression

Mascot Adjudication Form