Division I Tech Schedule



November 8
Day 1- Tech Rehearsal
*Schools will strike to the 10×10 as part of their rehearsal time.
7:30 LOAD TIME School 1 into theater
7:45 School 1 Tech The Diviners
Sugar Land Fort Bend Christian Academy
8:45 LOAD TIME School 1 back to trailer
School 2 into theater
9:00 School 2 Tech Over The River and Through The Woods
Carrollton Prince of Peace Christian School
10:00 LOAD TIME School 2 back to trailer
School 3 into theater
10:15 School 3 Tech The Importance of Being Earnest
San Antonio Christian School
11:15 LOAD TIME School 3 back to trailer
School 4 into theater
11:30 School 4 Tech sf Schoolhouse
McKinney Christian Academy
12:30 Lunch Break
1:00 LOAD TIME School 5 into theater
1:15 School 5 Tech Scenes from Blue Stockings
Argyle Liberty Christian School
2:15 LOAD TIME School 6 into theater
2:30 School 6 Tech The Cages We Build
Tomball Concordia Lutheran High School
3:30 LOAD TIME School 7 into theater
3:45 School 7 Tech Through the Looking Glass
Fort Worth Southwest Christian School
4:45 LOAD TIME School 8 into theater
5:00 School 8 Tech sf Bob: A Life In Five Acts
Austin St. Michael’s Catholic Academy
6:00 End of day