1st Place  “Dark Road”
Dallas Christian School-Mesquite

2nd Place  “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”
The Covenant School of Dallas

3rd Place  “This Way to Heaven”
All Saints Episcopal-Tyler

Best Actor
Elic Gum – The Covenant School
Best Actress
MaryCate Losher – Dallas Christian School

All Star Cast
Myah Mayhew – Dallas Christian School
Sophie Wright – The Covenant School
Jacqueline Pamatmat – All Saints Episcopal School
Maddy Winblood – The Covenant School
Anna McKinney – Dallas Christian School
Daniel Walker – Dallas Christian School
Davis Whitehead – The Covenant School
William Luckenbach – All Saints Episcopal School
Jenna Smith – The Covenant School
Grayson Kuebler – The Covenant School
Amy Langford – Dallas Christian School
Catherine Walker – Dallas Christian School

Honorable Mention Cast
Kate Wright – All Saints Episcopal School
Chelzi Boyd – Dallas Christian School
HD Walz – The Covenant School
Hannah Dooley – The Covenant School
Kaisen Berry – All Saints Episcopal School
Nathan Roberts – The Covenant School
Noah Thomason – The Covenant School
Emma McAngus – Dallas Christian School
Bella Adams – The Covenant School
AJ Sorrells – Dallas Christian School
Taylor Owen – Dallas Christian School
Brielle George – Dallas Christian School

All Star Crew
Kinsey Herbel – Dallas Christian School
Charlotte Tompkins – The Covenant School
Taylor Phillips – All Saints Episcopal School