1st Place  “Cagebirds”
Holy Trinity Catholic High School-Temple

2nd Place  “The Man in the Bowler Hat”
Brazos Christian School-Bryan

3rd Place  “Over the River and Through the Woods”
Concordia High School-Round Rock

4th Place  “The Miracle Worker”
Live Oak Classical School-Waco

5th Place  “Still Life with Iris”
Allen Academy-Bryan

6th Place  “Paralleladram”
Macedonian Christian Academy

Best Actor – Andrew Saenz – Brazos Christian School
Best Actress – Theresa Lindberg – Holy Trinity Catholic High School

All Star Cast
Nathan Enriquez – Holy Trinity Catholic High School
Faithann Go – Holy Trinity Catholic High School
Chrysanthe Nikolaidis – Holy Trinity Catholic High School
Tyler Oelze – Brazos Christian School
Major Smith – Concordia High School
Cole Shero – Concordia High School
Naomi Burgess – Live Oak Classical School
Katy Eikenhorst – Live Oak Classical School
Meredith Wilcox – Live Oak Classical School
Jackson Funkhouser – Allen Academy
Bella Ruffino – Allen Academy
Mackenzie Sanson – Allen Academy

Honorable Mention Cast
Cate Barkis – Holy Trinity Catholic High School
Isabelle Kuriger – Holy Trinity Catholic High School
Clayton Jackson – Brazos Christian School
Hannah Gill – Brazos Christian School
Jack Borgeson – Concordia High School
Lara Howell – Live Oak Classical School
Brett Counseller – Live Oak Classical School
Katherine Ortgies – Allen Academy
Quinton Marshall – Allen Academy
Daniela Arevalo – Macedonian Christian Academy
Eliab Alonzo – Macedonian Christian Academy
Rolando Alvarado – Macedonian Christian Academy

All Star Crew
Daniel De Leon – Macedonian Christian Academy
Allyriane Matthews – Live Oak Classical School
Noah Van Soest – Concordia High School
Zach Boor – Holy Trinity Catholic High School
Kent Prescott – Allen Academy
Mary Nugent – Brazos Christian School