TAPPS approves this recommended pay scale for the 2022-23 school year. TAPPS recognizes that member schools and local chapters may need the flexibility to determine a pay rate that both consider fair and appropriate which deviates from this schedule. Additionally, TAPPS supports the use of game/season contracts between schools and chapters. TAPPS supports the officials working for our member schools and will assist in the enforcement of signed contracts in the event of dispute.

 The following schedule is for each game per official.  The first number is for the first game called, while the second number is for any additional games. The mileage is included in the figures shown.  If the distance is great than 120 miles, travel should be from the chapters’ established center points to the school.  

TAPPS does not govern Junior High contests but supports the fees established between TASO / THSBOA and the UIL. Sub-Varsity rates shall not be used for Junior High contests as junior high students are not allowed to compete with or against high school students.


Baseball           2022 -23









UIL Mileage Calculator