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TAPPS Robotics

The TAPPS Robotics State Championship- FIRST Tech Challenge will be held

May 11, 2019 at the Waco Convention Center- 8:15 check-in

TAPPSter Entry Deadline: April 20

Hotel Information

More information posted as time draws nearer. 

2019 TAPPS FTC Championship Schedule

Registered Teams

Volunteers needed

 Boxed Lunch Order

Field 1 Live Stream          Field 2 Live Stream

Any TAPPS – FIRST® Tech Challenge teams are invited to compete.

The TAPPS Robotics season will run in conjunction with the normal FIRST® season and shall correspond with all dates, official events, and guidelines outlined by FIRST® Tech Challenge. 

Teams will participate in the 2018-2019 FIRST® Tech Challenge Game FIRST® ROVER RUCKUSSM Presented by Qualcomm.



Jump Start gives first-year FIRST® Tech Challenge and FIRST® LEGO® League teams, coaches, and mentors time and flexibility to practice and strategize before entering competition in the 2019-2020 season.

Now through April 15, 2019, Jump Start teams receive access to a discounted and reusable kit of parts and a credit for their single-team registration for the 2019-2020 season. Need-based grants are available.



If your team has not registered in, please complete registration right away.

TAPPSter Registration

Step 1) Contact your School Administrator to establish a coaches profile in TAPPSter.  Assigned Role should be Robotics Coach.

Step 2) Login to and complete the Professional Acknowledgement of Rules on your Testing link.

Step 3) Edit Student Profiles to Include Robotics (your administrator can assist with this step)

Step 4) Submit Eligibility form

Step 5) Create your entry.  For each team, select the students, list team name, list FTC team number.

Step -by-step instructions Submitting Eligibility and Entry



Volunteers and Chaperones

TAPPS Events require a minimum of 1 chaperone for each 10 students.

The following positions need to be filled for our event to be a success.  Please reply if you are able to serve in a listed capacity. Some positions require training, other may be any parents or students.

  • FTA (pre-event training required)
  • Referee (pre-event training required)
  • Inspector (on-site training required)
  • Score Tracker (on-site training required)
  • Field Re-setter (may be a student- no training required)




FIRST Impact


Kick-off Invitational Events


FIRST Tech Challenge:

FTC is open to 7th-12th grade students. TAPPS will follow the official FTC Rule book and robots will compete with other TAPPS Teams with the 2018 given challenge FIRST® ROVER RUCKUSSM Presented by Qualcomm.

FIRST- FTC website

FIRST in Texas website

FIRSTinTEXAS Newsletter

FTC – Start a Team

Visit FIRST Grants Page(application process opens Sept 1) for more information on the grants available for FLL, and FTC teams across the state. By submitting a single application, your team is automatically considered for any FIRST in Texas grants for which they are eligible. 


 Other Resources and Events

2017 TAPPS Robotics Championship NFHS Live Stream FIRST Tech Challenge

2016 TAPPS Robotics Expo NFHS Live Stream FIRST Lego League

2016 TAPPS Robotics Expo NFHS Live Stream FIRST Tech Challenge

 If you would like to serve on the TAPPS Robotics Leadership Committee, please contact Vena through our Contact Us link. 

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