Live animal mascots, cannons, firearms, fireworks, etc. are prohibited at TAPPS athletic contests.

No dogs or other animals are allowed at TAPPS hosted contests.

Except in their normal course of business, emergency vehicles shall not flash lights or sound sirens during the course of a game.

Noisemakers are prohibited at TAPPS events held at ­field houses and/ or gymna­siums.

In events held in field houses/gyms, megaphones may be used only by cheerleaders, in uniform. Megaphones must not be used to strike walls or playing surfaces.

Bands, when permitted, shall play only during time-outs and intermissions. Individual instruments may not be used as noisemakers. (For football see Section 158 item G.)

No sound systems, other than the one(s) provided by the host school are allowed at TAPPS Secured sites

Body paint and like decoration shall not be permitted by players or spectators. (Exception: Small markings as sold by cheer or other school organization on the cheek are permitted)

Air horns and bullhorns, handheld or otherwise, are not permitted at any TAPPS contest.

The use of, or appearance of using, any controlled substance (alcohol, drugs,etc.) before, during or after games at contest sites is prohibited by TAPPS.

Streamers, confetti or other such materials.