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 TAPPS Visual Arts

TAPPS Art Championship event

Championship Information

Waco Convention Center

April 9-10, 2018


Short Film Deadline : Entry submission in TAPPSter – February 16

Senior Portfolio Deadline : Entry Submission in TAPPSter – February 16  {notification of advancing portfolios will be posted March 20}

Art History Online Test – March 12 – March 29 

{Please note the art history test will be available beginning March 12 and will close on March 29.  Schools can choose to take the test at any time or day within the date parameters but all participating students from the same school must take it at the same time. Students must be entered into TAPPSTER no later than the day prior to taking the exam. It is timed and cannot be saved and restarted later.}

Entry Deadline : March 23  {for all categories except Short Film, Sr. Port, Art History}

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