TAPPS Dance Championship
January 25, 2019
University High School, Waco
Sponsored by American Dance and Drill


Dance Coaches:

Extended deadline for Solos and Small ensembles: Wednesday, January 15.

  • SOLO OPPORTUNITY: Students desiring to enter a solo in the Dance
    •  2:30 min max
    • 1 student per solo
    • no limit per school on the number of solos
    • any dance style except Tap as it can damage the floor.
    • Performance for adjudication. If a superior rating is given, they will receive a superior rating medal.
    • entry fee $75 per solo. Once registered, fee must be paid.
    • entry needs to be in TAPPSter by next Wednesday, January 15
  • Small Ensembles for adjudication and award
    • 2:30 min max
    • This may include varsity dancers or junior varsity dancers.
    • Ensembles may be 2 or more dancers (duets, trio, small ensembles up to 18 dancers) 
    • Choose 1 dance type
    • Entry due in TAPPSter by Jan 15 -extended.
    • Entry fee due at event $100 per entry
  • Individual Entry



Music may be played on CD, iPod or MP3. If bringing a CD, please check your CD on our Music Check equipment to make sure it will read properly. We also ask that you bring a backup on another device, in case your CD does not read on our equipmenet. Please record only one song per CD. All of our equipment will have pitch control on CD’s. However, we encourage you to burn your CD and performance tempo. If you plan to use an iPod or MP3, please have someone at the sound table to start and stop your music on cue from the announcer and do not leave the device with announcer. We will not be responsible for any lost music or devices. If using iPhone, please set on ‘Airplane Mode’ and turn off Bluetooth (if you have been practicing with your blue tooth speaker) so music is not interupted by text, call, or switch to your bluetooth speaker.

Pre-Order Boxed Lunches – Jason’s Deli


Boxed Lunch Order Form

No outside food or drinks allowed into the school.
Concession stand will be open.

Team Photography Information

Action photos will be taken of teams that pre-pay and register to be photographed.  Please see the link for additional information.

Information Detailed flyer
Questions can be sent to Joe
[email protected]

Basic Schedule

Actual schedule with entries will be finalized after Jan 15 solo deadline.

8:00 am Registration begins
8:45 am Coaches Meeting

Gym 1
9:30 am Div 2 Round 1
10:15 am Div 1 Round 1
12:15 pm Judges Lunch Break
1:00 pm Div 2 Round 2
1:45 pm Div 1 Round 2
3:45 pm Individual Kick, Leaps, Jumps

Gym 2A
Solos and Small schedule will be based on varsity team performance times.
9:30am Solos and Small Ensembles

Gym 2B
10 min scheduled warm-ups will be approximately 20-25 min prior to your performance time.



Check out the TAPPS Dance page for more information.
If you have any questions, please email at info@localhost or through our Contact Us on our website.