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2018-2019 Dance Championships

Saturday, January 12

Belton High School

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Division II Dance Results
Division II
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Championship Information

We are pleased to be hosting the TAPPS Dance event at Belton High School on Saturday, January 12, 2019.  We have partnered with The American Dance and Drill Team Staff and the Belton High School Magic Belles to assist with our event.  We are looking forward to a fantastic event.









 Kick Off for Miss High Kick, Best Leaps, and Best Fouetté Turns will take place after final rounds, prior to awards.  Registration is in TAPPSter Entries link. With this being our 1st time to offer this event, we will limit to 3 students per school per event. Based on registration, we may allow additional registrants if time in the schedule allows.  Cost is $25 per student per entry.  Students should wear all black and may wear shoes of their choice.

More info on Leaps, Turns, Kicks here.


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Dance clarification of rules: The intent of TAPPS Dance is to have the same team for both routines. Substitutions of alternates are meant for last minute changes due to inability to perform. All students expected to perform should be listed as ‘on squad’ when registering. 70% of your team must perform both of your routines.

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Entry Deadline: December 7


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