Happy New Year!

The 2024 TAPPS State Dance competition is just a few days away. Please check the tentative schedule that is posted on the Dance page on the TAPPS website. Please make sure your school is listed if you registered to compete. Additionally, check to make sure your group’s two dances are correct and in the order you requested.  If you do not see your school and you registered, please call the office and speak with Rhonda.

2024 DanceTentative Schedule

If you have solos and small ensembles registered, I have only put “place holders” for your entries.   Please look at your entries and email me the order in which you want your dancers to perform. Make sure you give me the dancer’s name and type of dance (ie – Solo, Small Ens.).  I need these by the end of the day, Wednesday, January 10. Email to [email protected], use subject line – Dance Entries.

The BASE does not allow outside food or drink in the venue (please share this with your parents); however, they will have a concession stand that will be open the day of competition.  They have also again given us the opportunity to order lunches ahead of time, to be picked up and paid for on the day of competition.  Please have your orders turned in by Friday, January 5.

2024 Dance Lunch Order

Please make sure you are compliant in Rank One and that you have finished all TEaMs courses pertaining to Fine Arts. Bring the certificate from your Dance course with you to registration.

2024 Dance Fan Information

If any questions arise, please contact the office at 254-947-9268 or by email at [email protected].