Entry Procedures


This year, all entries for TAPPS Photo Contests will be submitted through The ATPI Contest Website. This is different from previous years, which used Varsity Hype. You may be familiar with the ATPI Contest site from older TAPPS Fall Photo Contests or ATPI’s own contests. We want to encourage more of you to become members of ATPI and enter your students into their contests. You can use the same account for all contests each year.

This page will take you though the steps needed to submit to this contest, create an account or log into the Varsity Hype contest website, create student accounts and add them to the contest, format your images correctly and add metadata, upload your entries, send payment. Payment does not need to be received before the deadine.   


Image Format and Metadata Instructions 


All images submitted to the ATPI Fall Contest must include metadata. Metadata simply means “data about other data.” Your images already contain metadata created by your camera on information such as the time the photograph was made, the settings used, and so on. You will be adding metadata about the student submitting the image, school information, category information, division, and instructor information. Including metadata in published photos is not only good practice for photographers but critical to the judging process for this contest. Images without proper metadata will be disqualified. You will need to use third party software to add metadata to your images. Note: We no longer require you to resize your image. You only need to add metadata and use our naming conventions.

If you are familiar with metadata: We utilize the ITPC standard fields for “Title,” “Artist / Author,” and “Description”. See below for description formatting and file naming conventions.

For a video walkthrough using Adobe Photoshop, click here

For a video walkthrough of Photopea, a web-based free alternative to Photoshop, click here.  

The following instructions are written for photoshop but also apply to any photo editing software that will allow image resizing and metadata editing (such as Bridge, Lightroom, Capture One, etc.). Don’t have any of those programs? photopea.com is a free alternative, and even works on Chromebooks.  (for specific instructions with screenshots, click here.) For a further list of alternatives to Photoshop, click here.

1. Open the image in Photoshop.

2. Under the File menu, select “File info.”

3. In the Author / Creator field, enter:

Your name.

4. In the description field enter:

Division (6A, 5A, etc.)
Your Name
School Name
School City, State
Teacher Name, instructor

5. In the Document Title / Title field, enter


6. Open “Image Size” under the Image menu.

7.  Go to the File menu and select “Save As.”

8. Save the image as a JPEG file.

The file name must not contain any periods or characters such as #, or /. Name the file as follows:
(student last name, TAPPS division, category name and image number)
For example, an entry in the 6A Sports category taken by Alice Smith should have the following filename: smith_6A_sports_1.jpg

Image quality should be at maximum (12).




Uploading / Submitting Images 


Once your images are ready for submission (metadata included), you can submit them to the contest via the ATPI Online Contest Site. Log into your account or create an account here.

This page will be updated with TAPPS-specific screen shots when the entry system opens in October.





Contest Fee and Payment

The contest fee is $3 per image submitted. Faculty entries are $2 each.  Once all of your images are submitted you will be able to generate an invoice in the ATPI Contest site. Submit that invoice with your payment to the TAPPS Office.