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Section 134 – Officials

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

  1. AGREEMENT. All officials must be satisfactory to both parties and agreed upon in advance.  However, beginning a game with an official constitutes agreement.
  2. Participant schools shall use officials approved by TAPPS.
    • Officials 
      • All individuals officiating contests involving TAPPS schools must be
        • Registered with an approved Chapter
        • Assigned by an approved Chapter
    • Chapters                                  
      •  All officials’ chapters must be approved by TAPPS in order to assign officials for TAPPS contest. Officials chapters are approved by the method listed below.
      • Registered and in good standing with TAPPS through the following process.
        1. Submission of Application
        2. Submission of Supporting Documentation
          • Chapter By-Laws
          • Letters of Reference
          • SCOPE Video Certification From
          • Letter stating that all officials have had background checks done.
        3. Review and Approval by the TAPPS Athletic Executive Committee.
        4. Submitted prior to deadline published on the TAPPS yearly calendar as shown on the TAPPS web site.
      • TASO and all UIL approved chapters listed on Arbiter Sports in good standing are approved by TAPPS.
    • Insurance
      • All approved chapter shall meet the minimum requirements as established by TAPPS prior to being approved by TAPPS.
      • The minimum limits of coverage shall include the following:
        1. General Liability                             $1,000,000      Occurrence
        2. General Liability                             $2,000,000      Aggregate
        3. Personal and Advertising Injury $1,000,000      Occurrence
        4. Sexual Abuse and Molestation     $100,000
        5. Accident Insurance                         $50,000            per occurrence
      • TAPPS shall be named as a Certificate holder and certificate of insurance shall be forwarded to the TAPPS office annually.
  3. NEUTRAL OFFICIALS. In all contests, schools should always attempt to secure neutral officials.
  4. HOST RESPONSIBILITY.   The responsibility to obtain satisfactory officials is upon the host school which must provide names of officials to the visiting school at least 4 days prior to the contest.
  5. NOTIFICATION. When names of officials are received by the visiting school, the visiting school shall immediately notify the host school if officials are not satisfactory.  Failure of the visiting school to solicit names of officials from the home school within four days of the contest constitutes agreement.
    • If agreed upon officials fail to show, the visiting school shall not be in violation by refusing to play.
      1. If agreed upon officials fail to show, the visiting school shall not be in violation by refusing to play.
        • Host school shall make written notification to the assigning chapter.
        • Host school shall make written notification to the TAPPS office.
    • However, earnest effort should be expended to find officials so that the game may be played without additional travel expenses for team and fans.
    • A host school does not have to forfeit the contest unless the district executive committee rules that they have been negligent in contracting and securing officials.
    • If the contest is rescheduled, the home team will host the game at a mutually agreed date and time and reimburse the visiting school 50 cents per mile.
    • By mutual agreement, the visiting team may host the make-up game and no travel allowance be required.
    • When officials who have been previously agreed upon by both teams are scratched, the school scratching the officials shall pay them the fee they would have received had they worked the game minus any travel expenses and shall also pay the additional travel costs in obtaining new officials. If scratched officials obtain another game, they do not have to be paid.
    • After a school has accepted an official, and then scratches the official prior to a contest, this action must be approved by the athletic director and the principal of the school taking the action. Note: Officials shall not be scratched the day of the game, except by mutual consent of both schools.
    • TAPPS discourages indiscriminate scratching of entire chapters except in cases when potential problems could result with fans and/or school employees.
    • Officiating chapters should be fair in their game assignments, offering smaller schools the opportunity to use higher level officials when possible.
    • When officials do not show, or when the previously agreed upon officials do not show, and the game has to be rescheduled, the chapter shall be responsible for the rescheduled game fee, unless it is determined by the school that an emergency arose beyond the control of the officials
  8. CANCELLATION of contest by a member school
    1. When officials who have been previously scheduled and the contest is cancelled, the school cancelling shall
      1. pay them the fee they would have received had they worked the game
      2. minus any travel expenses.
    2. This rule applies in the event the officials are not rescheduled.
    3. Acts of God are not subject to this provision.
  9. PENALTY. The penalty for failure to provide officials is forfeiture of the game or match.  The district executive committee shall determine whether or not forfeiture is applicable.
  10. FEE VIOLATIONS. If the rules in regard to fees of officials are violated by a participant school, the facts shall be reported to the district executive committee at a meeting to be called as soon as possible after the game.  The committee shall decide on the merits of the case and apply the penalty; or, if an emergency is declared, waive the penalty.  The district executive committee may declare that, in its judgment, an emergency arose and, therefore waive the penalty.
  11. MAXIMUM MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT.                                                                                                                    
    1. Officials shall be paid travel reimbursement in accordance with the following:
    2.  Metro
      • As listed on approved Fee Sheets
    • Meals. If there is previous agreement between officials and schools, schools may pay up to the state rate per day for meals.
    • Lodging. As necessary and previously agreed upon by the officials and schools, schools may pay lodging.
    • Ground Transportation. If prior agreement exists, schools may pay taxi fare, etc., for officials.
  13. LIMITATION. No other item shall be included in payment of officials.
  14. FEE APPROVAL.    Fees are to be paid by the host school or by the game management as approved by the school.  TAPPS recommended fee schedule posted under the “Officials” tab on the TAPPS website.
  15. PROMPT PAYMENT. Fees are to be paid promptly.
  16. EXCEEDING MAXIMUM FEES. The maximum fee listed should be paid to officials working varsity contests.  For sub-varsity contests, unless otherwise specified, fees less than the maximum may be negotiated between the chapter and the school.  If a participant school exceeds the maximum fee schedule, the district executive committee shall meet as soon as possible to decide if an emergency warranted the excess fee(s).  If the school in question proves an emergency caused the overpayment, the district executive committee does not have to assess a penalty.
    • Coaches and Officials Required to Register With TAPPS and Attend Meetings.                                              All officials and all coaches in baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball and volleyball shall SCOPE training as  prescribed by TAPPS prior to their sport season.  TAPPS schools may meet this requirement by providing meetings or seminars  conducted by the Head Coach/Athletic Director, prior to the season.  Officials from a local chapter should be invited to attend.
    • Registration List. Coaches and officials who register and attend will have their names placed on a registration list which will be forwarded to the TAPPS office or the Officials Association office, or placed on file at the local school.  This information will be provided by the local chapters and other groups who hold these meetings.  Other information to be provided for each official is: address, division and Social Security number.
    • TAPPS Registration Fee. TAPPS may charge a registration fee for officials to help offset costs of programs for officials (rule books, other educational materials, development of materials and meeting costs).
    • Failure of Official to Register; Loss of Registration.
      • A report of a coach ejection from an official may not be considered or adjudicated by TAPPS unless the official has registered prior to the season.
      • Officials who are not registered will not be allowed to work post district games, and should not be used for regular season games. Exceptions will be handled through the TAPPS office.
      • Officials must report all ejections of coaches, severe verbal and physical abuse, and any major disruptions that occur during a game. The game administrator is to be informed of the problem the night of the game. Written reports from each official involved are to be mailed to the TAPPS office within the next two working days following the game or match.
      • Officials are to conduct themselves in a professional manner before, during and after a contest.
      • Officials who violate the provisions of this rule may be removed from the list of registered officials.
  18. NO PROTESTS. A protest based on a game or contest official’s decision will not be considered.