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One Act Play Information

Greetings TAPPS OAP Directors,

Welcome back to school and to TAPPS One Act Play! Please read through the information in this letter as well as any additional referenced materials. If you have any questions you may email me or one of our State Committee members.

Now that contracts have been processed and we have districts aligned, we can all start planning the intricate details it takes to run a quality event. This year we are excited to have about 60 schools participating in OAP at the District Level.

Manual Updates
The TAPPS Manual and Rules have been modified to adjust to any changes for this year. It is important that you read each section of the Manual to fully understand the procedures and requirements for participation.

Divisions and Districts
The Division/District Report in TAPPSter reflects all the schools that have signed up for OAP. If your school is not listed on this report, you need to contact the TAPPS Office about getting OAP added to your contract. District President schools have been designated. If you are the district president, please contact the schools in your district so that a date and location for your District meet can be determined. You can also choose a different District President. It is recommended that you hold a meeting (in person, conference call, or email correspondence) with the schools in your district to discuss securing a theater and a contest manager. At the conclusion of your meeting the president will need to submit a District Organization Form that specifies the Contest Manager’s contact information as well as informs the TAPPS Office of the District Contest dates and location details. TAPPS will secure the judges based on the information provided. All meets need to happen before November 5, the certification deadline for advancing to the Championships.

Important Dates and Deadline
District Meeting: Date to be determined within each district (may be conference call, email, or in person)
Tuesday                 September 15:   Script Submission deadline
September 15:   SCOPE Testing Complete, Eligibility Form and Entry Deadline in TAPPSter
Thursday               November 5:     District Certification Deadline- State Qualifying entries submitted to State Meet.
Monday                 November 16 and Tuesday, November 17: Division 1 State Championship in Kerville
Wednesday           November 18 and Thursday, November 19: Division 2 State Championship in Kerville
Friday                    November 20 and Saturday, November 21: Division 3 State Championship in Kerville
Division 4 State Championship Location TBD

SCOPE Education and TAPPSter Testing – Due BEFORE ENTRIES can be entered.
One Act Play and Eligibility tests are updated and ready to be taken.
To Take the Tests
Go to
Click Testing
Complete each test listed on your profile.
State Committee
Delisa Bice- State Director
Tyler, Grace Community School

William Schatte
Round Rock, Concordia High School

Koy Domann
Tomball, Concordia Lutheran

Misty Baptiste
Argyle, Liberty Christian School