Athletic Directors and Coaches:


Thank you for working through our transition from TAPPSter to Rank One as our database for scores and schedules. All schedules and results for games are now kept on Rank One. Please be sure that your schedule is posted on Rank One and is kept up to date as the season progresses towards district and into the postseason.


An important difference this year in Rank One involves making both the SCHEDULE and the game RESULTS public.  Please make sure when posting and updating your schedule that your schedule and results are set to “PUBLIC” on Rank One. As you view your schedule, just above the opponent column, you will see an option to make the schedule public or private; be sure it is set to public. Similarly, be sure your results are set to public as well. You will see the results option next to the schedules option. If one or both of these are set to private, they will not be able to be viewed in standings on the TAPPS website. 


Another important difference is both teams are required to input the results of a game. Unlike TAPPSter, one score input from a team does not set the result on both teams’ schedules. Both teams need to report the score on their respective schedule in order to keep it up to date and current.


Thank you again for efforts to keep our information up to date and current.