May 26, 2020


The TAPPS Executive Board met today to finalize plans for member schools to return to play for the summer of 2020.  Over the past few weeks, multiple sources have been reviewed including the Executive Orders issued by the Governor of Texas, the Texas Education Agency, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), the UIL and other similar state organizations which govern extracurricular activities.  The TEA and UIL revised their restrictions late Friday, May 22.  After continuing conversations with member schools it quickly became apparent a wide variance exists across the state as some member schools are opening campus for summer school and camps beginning June 1, while others may not open for quite some time. The TAPPS Executive Board issues the following guidance for TAPPS schools as they return to school based extracurricular instruction for the summer of 2020.


TAPPS summer rules as expressed in the TAPPS By-Laws continue in effect for restrictions regarding contact hours, attendance, coaching restrictions, and use of facilities and equipment.

Beginning June 1, 2020, the decision as to when to allow students and staff to return to campus for instruction and activities by school personnel shall be left to local control – the administration of each member school.

TAPPS governance does not exempt member schools from the laws and executive orders of the State of Texas. Member schools shall remain in compliance with all local, state and national governance as it applies to their school.

Each member school is required to establish return to play protocols that will address appropriate social distancing, hygiene and other safety measures as best fits their ability to implement, monitor and staff those protocols taking into account their facilities and resources. For assistance in developing appropriate protocols, the guidelines established and published by the TEA, UIL and NFHS provide guidance for establishing minimum standards in all of these areas.

Prior to beginning summer activities, at least one representative from your school must complete the TAPPS Summer 2020 TeAMs course.


TAPPS continues to follow the calendar as published on the TAPPS website including Dead Week as presented in Section 136 with no changes from previous years.  Should changes arise, we will amend the calendar and notify schools as soon as possible.


If questions arise, please contact the TAPPS office by email at info@localhost or by phone at 254-947-9268.


For the Board,

Bryan Bunselmeyer
Executive Director