1A Athletic Directors:
North and South Region – Meet Entry Information

Entries for the 1A North and South Regional Track Meets will be made in athletic.net
Please make sure that you have an Athletic.net account set up for your school and that  your current Track Coach is listed with the correct email address.
The invite to join the Regional meet will be made through Athletic.net
Please make your entries in the appropriate meet.

TAPPS 2022 1A North Regional  https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/meet/464878/info

TAPPS 2022 1A South Regional https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/meet/464882/info

Reach out to the TAPPS office if you need assistance.
All entries are due by 5:00 PM (CDT), Wednesday April 20, 2022!
Once the entry deadline has passed, any changes made in Athletic.net are not valid.
Please ensure that all athletes you enter are listed as eligible in RANK ONE.
NOTE: Entry Maximums
Maximum of 3 entries per school per event; only 1 relay per school.
Maximum of 5 entries per athlete (no more than 3 running events). Listing an athlete as a relay alternate counts toward the maximum number of events for that athlete).

Additional Entries will not be accepted after the deadline.

Number of entries will determine which events will need prelims on Tuesday, April 26th. We will publish which events will need prelims after entries are closed, and no later than Friday, April 22nd, 2022
Schedule for Preliminary Events:
Go to tapps.biz>athletics>track & field>regional meet information>
Select the button that is entitled 3A-4A North or 3A-4A South
(1A Prelim Schedule is in that meet information page as they will occur on the 26th )
That will be your schedule for prelims on Tuesday, April 26th

Regional Meet Finals 
The 1A and 2A Regional Meet will be on Wednesday, April 27th
Meet Information 1A-2A North        1A-2A South
Scratches only will be allowed at the Coaches Meeting at the Regional Meet.

Throwing Events – all throwing implements will be impounded and checked for weight and dimensions at Regionals and State.
NOTE: The girls shot is 4.0 kg (8.818 lb.) We see many 8 lb shots that get confused with those used in junior high meets. Please check those carefully.
Vertical Jumps (HJ & PV) – Be mindful of the minimum starting heights at Regional (listed on the Meet Information page).

Forward this information to your track coaches.
Please reach out to the TAPPS office if you have questions or need any assistance, [email protected] or 254-947-9268.

Thank you,
TAPPS Office