Administrators and Athletic Directors:

As we continue the 2020-21 school year, there have reports of schools not honoring TAPPS passes. Please review the following clarification on the purpose and use of the annual TAPPS pass.

  • This year the passes are slightly different with a credit card sized pass for use in admissions and a keychain card with the CHAI concierge information in the event of injury. The concierge keychain card shall not be accepted for admission.

  • The annual pass provides the following privileges

    • Pass holder (and spouse) shall be admitted without charge to the contest(s).
    • Minor children of the pass holder shall be admitted without charge.
    • For the purpose of the annual pass admittance, all high school contests hosted by the TAPPS member school are subject to these rules including
      • Tournaments
      • Non-District Contests
      • District Contests and
      • Post Season Contests.
  • The annual pass does not provide the pass holder with guaranteed admittance to the event if facility maximums have been attained.

  • Failure to follow the rules as outlined in the TAPPS By-Laws (Section 11) shall result in sanctions to the school denying admittance.

Bryan Bunselmeyer
Executive Director