Athletic Directors and Swim Coaches:

Thank you for your patience as we have navigated the possibilities for our 2021 Swim Championships. We began the school year with a firm commitment to offer all of our championship events knowing that the pandemic might change the structure or scope of the championships.  We approached our swim competitions with the desire to hold each meet as in previous years and our host pools were all in agreement.  As the year and the pandemic moved forward, the restrictions and protocols each pool developed became more, rather than less, restrictive. While those protocols work for the individual pools and districts, the size and scope of the TAPPS meets exceed most of the accommodations which we requested. In working through plans, our hosts were most gracious, but in the end only one provided a real opportunity for competition in 2021. After many conversations, we look forward to providing the opportunity for our student athletes and their teams to compete for the 2021 championships as outlined in this document.  While we often are reticent to accept change, with the ongoing pandemic we are excited that this opportunity awaits your students.


A Swim Invite will be posted on the TAPPS Swim site with more detailed information.  Please read it for complete information concerning the meet and Covid protocols.


Competition Format:

The 2021 Swim Championships will be different from those in the recent past as we continue to navigate the current pandemic.  Regional Meets – this year did not present a viable option of hosting the three championship meets with our hosts, so for this year only we will forgo the regional competition sites and meets. Competition Schedule – there will be two sessions for the championship meet with the girls swimming in the morning and the boys swimming in the afternoon.


Competition Location:

Bill Walker Pool – NEISD

12002 Jones Maltsberger Rd, 

San Antonio, TX 78216


Competition Dates / Times (Approximate):

Division I

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Girls – Pool Opens 7:30 am  | Boys – Pool Opens 1:30 pm

Division II

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Girls – Pool Opens 7:30 am | Boys – Pool Opens 1:30 pm

Division III

Monday, February 8, 2021

Girls – Pool Opens 7:30 am | Boys – Pool Opens 1:30 pm



As this pandemic continues, the meet hosts and TAPPS have agreed to the following conditions which will allow for the competition in the Bill Walker Pool, deck and stands.  While we all want to be as inclusive as possible, protocols and concerns require the options which we list below.



Please limit attendance to those you have entered into the meet and anticipate their participation.  One or two relay alternates will be allowed, but we must limit the number of sub-varsity or nonparticipants.  This is critical to our ability to maintain allowable numbers on the deck and inside the natatorium during the competition.


Coaches / Managers:

In order to achieve allowable numbers in the facility, there will be a hard cap of two (2) coaches or managers on deck during each session.  In other words, if you have two coaches, then zero managers are allowed. 



For the TAPPS meets we will utilize one timer per lane.  We will utilize all ten lanes for competition so that means ten (10) timers per session for each meet, along with two (2) head timers.



With the limited numbers allowed in the Natatorium during each session, fans will not be allowed for the 2021 Championships.  The events will be live streamed on the TAPPS TV Network.



As regional awards will be determined by placement times earned in the meets, please enter all you feel appropriate for the competition, within the parameters of a championship meet:  No more than four swimmers per event, no more than one relay per event is allowed.  Swimmers may swim 2 individual events and 2 relays, or 1 individual event and 3 relays.. 


See “Awards” Section for further information on how we will score for Region.


All entries should be submitted in Hytek by February 1, 2021.  

Please use the file and links posted on the SWIM page on the TAPPS website which will be updated on Monday, January 11.



If you have certified officials associated with your program who are available and desire to work the event, please have them contact the head official, Rick Russell.  [email protected] or 210-834-7409



Championship awards will be distributed at the event venue.  This year, there will be no award presentations during the meet.  More information on where and when to pick up awards will be shared during the coaches’ meetings.  Swimmer of the Meet shall be awarded for all divisions.


Regional Awards will be determined based on the times earned during the championship meet.  Scoring will be based on normal regional scores – to 8th place: 9, 7,6,5,4, 3, 2, 1  – and double for relays. Regional results and awards shall be posted to the TAPPS website and mailed to the teams the Monday following the last meet. Swimmer of the Meet shall be awarded for all divisions.