Athletic Directors and Coaches:


As we continue into the third week of competition for the 2022 Volleyball Season, please take a minute to review your season to date. With the enhanced emphasis on sportsmanship from the NFHS, in fact it is the first point of emphasis, TAPPS renews its efforts in support of our motto Competition with Honor.


Coaches are often the focal point of not only your team, but also the visiting team, the fans and the officials. This is true at all levels of high school participation, sub-varsity and varsity. Of particular interest remains the interaction with the contest officials before, during and after the match.


The R1 official and the R2 official are the easy ones to spot as they are the up and down officials at the net.  The line judges are officials for the match and should be treated as such whether they are paid chapter officials or volunteers. In addition, the table crew of the official scorekeeper and libero tracker are also considered part of the official crew. TAPPS requires member schools to use adults for the table crew in all varsity contests and recommends the same for sub-varsity contests.


In support of the Section 130.VIII of the TAPPS By-Laws, coaches should

forward the concept of accepting decisions of sports officials without protest and treating officials as co-part­ners in the educational process of competition.


In support of the Section 131.II.C of the TAPPS By-Laws, coaches should

Accept decisions of sports and school officials without pro­test, and without questioning their honesty or integrity, and extend protection and courtesy to sports officials from participants, school personnel, and spectators remembering that officials are guests.


As we move toward district and post season play, please make sure your actions and words support not only the TAPPS mission and motto, but also those of your school. Your professionalism and leadership are most appreciated by TAPPS and the officials who serve our organizations 200 high school volleyball programs.


Bryan Bunselmeyer

Executive Director