Athletic Directors:

As we continue the planning process for the 2024-26 alignment cycle, the next step is your school’s completion of the Intent to Participate Form linked below. Please complete one form per school for submission to the TAPPS office by Monday, September 25, 2023.

Please carefully consider each choice as districts and schedules will be made using this information.  Please make sure to consider participation in both athletic and fine art activities in which your school may participate. As you make your decisions, please keep in mind the impact your choices will have on your fellow competitors should you withdraw from competition. The following information is presented for your review from Section 1 of the TAPPS By-Laws regarding withdrawal after alignment.

  • Not playing for TAPPS Honors – Withdrawn from TAPPS District Participation)): A school may play as a “withdrawn team” if 
    • the school declares withdrawn status prior to realignment
    • If the team is placed in a TAPPS district and later withdraws from competition in the district to play a non-TAPPS schedule
      • During the first year of an alignment, the school must compete as a non-TAPPS school for the remainder of the Alignment Cycle.
      • During the second year of an alignment, the school may not return to TAPPS competition for the following Alignment Cycle.
    • This ‘Withdrawn Team” is subject to all TAPPS rules.
    • A $250 per school fee is owed to TAPPS for withdrawal.
    • If a team is placed in a district and later withdraws without competing in interscholastic competition for that season, the district shall approve reentry into the district. A $250 per school fee is owed to TAPPS for the withdrawal. All provisions of Section 9 apply.

Link to the Intent to Participate Form

We look forward to the opportunities the current year brings and to setting the ground work for the next alignment cycle.  Please contact the TAPPS office at 254-947-9268 or by email at [email protected] as questions arise.