Good afternoon!

With the Robotics Championship coming up Saturday, April 6 at the BASE in Waco, there are a few details that need to be addressed.  Please read the following links and bullet points to make sure you are ready to go when you get to the venue.

  • Judging Schedule – each team will have an ASSIGNED 15 minute judging appointment.  Our schedule for the day is very tight so we appreciate your cooperation and gracious professionalism to be at your appointment early if possible.  As a reminder, teams should bring a printed copy of their Engineering Portfolio (no more than 15 pages) to give to the judges at the time of their interview.
  • Event Schedule – We are very proud to announce that the TAPPS Robotics event has grown and  along with growth comes a bit of a longer day.  Please review the schedule and plan your team logistics accordingly.
  • Robot & Field Inspections – There are no appointments for inspections. Please get your inspections done early as possible.  Inspections do NOT have to be completed in a specific order, so go to the shortest line and get your inspections completed.  Please remember that we must stay on time for the day, so everyone can’t wait until 10:00 am to get inspected.
  • Driver’s Meeting – We will have a very brief, less than 15 minute, Q & A meeting on Saturday morning for any last minute updates.
  • Lunch Orders – The BASE does not allow outside food or drink; however, they will have a concession stand open throughout the day.  Also, they have allowed us to order boxed lunches ahead of time.  If you would like to order lunches, please use the link below. Orders must be placed by 5 pm, March 29.

Robotics Lunch Orders

If you have any questions, please contact the office at 254-947-9268 or by email at [email protected].

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday, April 6!