Athletic Directors and Football Coaches,

Please be reminded that TAPPS requires soft shell protective headgear for all 7 on 7 competitions.

 Section 164 III. Required Safety Equipment

Beginning in 2019, the TAPPS requires the following for participation in 7 on 7, 6 on 6, or similar activities.

  • All participants shall wear soft shell protective headgear
  • This requirement applies to
    • League games
    • Qualifier Tournaments
    • State Tournaments
  • The head gear must meet the following standards:
    • Helmets must have a Virginia Tech rating of 4 star or higher; or like standards
    • No metal components
    • No hard plastic components
    • Nor sharp edges that could cause harm to another player
    • Must have a functional retention system

GAMBREAKER is the TAPPS partner that can supply helmets that meet all of the standards.

Brett Temple is the GameBreaker Account Executive for TAPPS. Brett is available to help schools or individuals purchase helmets at special TAPPS pricing with a quick turnaround time.

Phone: 817-925-0803

Email: [email protected]

If you have a question or need assistance from the TAPPS office please call 254-947-9268 or email [email protected].