Smart Snacking
to Fuel Athletics

As an athlete, your body requires a slightly higher energy intake, which means proper meal
planning should always carefully include refueling with nutritious snacks. The key to smart
snacking is to choose nutrientdense foods that offer a balance of protein, plenty of color,
complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Balancing your snacks to include at least 23 of these
foods will help keep you feeling energized, strong, and ready to perform at your best. Dairy
foods, such as milk, cheese, & yogurt are great options to add to your snacking list, providing
essential nutrients & a great source of protein.

Here are some delicious smart snacking ideas to fuel your active lifestyle:

ChocoRaspberry Chug Blend a cup of fatfree milk with frozen raspberries and sweetened

Zesty Tostada Top a tostada with fatfree refried beans and shredded Pepper Jack cheese.

Parfait Pleaser Layer granola and fresh fruit with your favorite lowfat yogurt.

Cottage Cheese Your Way Proteinpacked and nutrientrich, this commonly forgotten
snack food can be served with a variety of mixins. Looking to add more fruit to your diet?
Add peaches to a ¼ cup of cottage cheese. Or enjoy it with whole grain crackers (even your
favorite flavored types) which can be a delicious way to scoop cottage cheese as an
afternoon snack. Need more ideas for cottage cheese? You can find out more
Mango Mixer Enjoy a tropical treat by blending mango, plain fatfree yogurt and a splash
of pineapple juice.

Yogurt Dip Slice an apple, strawberries, or pineapple or grab some grapes and your
favorite berries. Enjoy the sliced fruit by dipping it into a vanilla or plain yogurt with a
dollop of honey.

Graham Dunk Dip a few graham crackers into a cold glass of lowfat milk.

You’ll find that there are endless flavor possibilities when it comes to
smoothies. All you need is a good blender and your ingredients and toppings of choice. Let
your creativity fly!

Cheese and Crackers Layer your favorite cheese and smoked turkey on crackers.


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Sara Rose Foreman, RDN, SNS