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Section 148 – Baseball Pitch Count

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198


The following information outlines the TAPPS Pitch Count plan which is required by the National Federation of State High School Associations.

Basic Information:

High school pitchers will be limited to no more than 110 pitches per day.

During the season, pitch count total is determined at the end of each single game.

Only pitches thrown in the game count (warm up pitches do not count).

Rest is defined as not using a pitcher in a contest.

Rest days are counted for the full day regardless of appearance start time. (ex: Pitcher throws 95 or 97 pitches (this is based on pitch count limit selected) on Friday morning of tournament. Rest days are Sat, Sun, Mon, and Tues. He is eligible to pitch on Wednesday, not Tuesday night.).

A pitcher will be allowed to complete current at-bat even if the maximum number of pitches during the at-bat is reached, but must exit game as a pitcher after that hitter regardless of recording an out or number of outs in inning.

There are no restrictions on allowing any game day pitcher (starter or reliever) from resuming play in the field after being removed as a pitcher, regardless of pitch count.

Umpires shall have no jurisdiction pertaining to pitch count.

Pitch Count Table:

Pitches Days Rest
1-30 0
31-45 1
46-65 2
66-85 3
86-110 4

Tournament or Series:

In multi game series or tournaments, pitch count can be divided into separate appearances as long as combined total does not exceed appropriate pitch count max. Days of rest will be determined by final pitch count of the series or tournament.

(ex: In post season series, starter goes (X) innings for a total pitch count of (X) (amount not exceeding max count) in first game of 3 game series. That same athlete can be used as short reliever in either of next 2 games of the same series, up to combined total pitch count max (85/110). At conclusion of second appearance, combined total number of pitches will determine days of rest based on chart.)

Back to Back Games due to postponement or suspension:

In the case of games that are rained out, and rescheduled on consecutive nights, pitch counts will follow the series protocol.

Double Header:

In the case of a doubleheader, the second game will not serve as a rest day for pitchers who threw in the first game. However, pitch count max can be split up between both games and total pitches after second appearance will determine rest day period.  

****If pitcher is used twice in 3-day series, the rest day start period will begin after the second appearance even if there was a day of rest in between.****

Pitch Count Reporting:

Home team will keep the OFFICIAL BOOK.

Visiting team will keep the OFFICIAL PITCH COUNT

Totals shall be confirmed between the teams between each inning.

Coaches shall report the pitch counts for VARSITY and SUB-VARSITY contests including tournaments, non-district games, district games and post-district contests.



Pitch counts are part of the health and safety protocols for TAPPS.  

Violations of the limitations will bring game suspensions and monetary fines for the head coach as determined by the Athletic Executive Committee (AEC) and approved by the TAPPS Executive Board.  Failure to report pitch counts is subject to review by the AEC who will determine sanctions for the violation(s).