Athletic Directors and Coaches please forward this information to the director of any performing groups who plan to attend the final four.

Thank you


Congratulations on your school earning a place in the basketball final four.  As we prepare for the event, we want to include the auxiliary groups in our planning as well.  As your time allows, please advise by return email if your school will have performing groups attend the championships. These groups include:

  • Band
  • Drumline
  • Cheerleaders
  • Dance Teams

While the arena space is tight we will do all we can to afford your students the opportunity to perform.  Please advise if your group(s) is coming and if so, do you wish to perform at halftime.

Thank you for your assistance as we plan for the event.  Please contact the TAPPS office at [email protected] or 254-947-9268 should questions arise.

Basketball Performance Guidelines:

    1. In order to maintain a proper perspective and to insure equity in competition for the participating teams, the following guidelines must be followed.
    2. The guidelines apply to
      1. Bands
      2. Drum Lines
      3. Other live performance groups
      4. Music played over sound systems other than the PA System (not allowed)
    3. Band instruments, including drums, are not to be played at any time other than when the entire band is playing.
    4. During the contest, bands are to play only
      1. during pregame,
      2. halftime,
      3. postgame,
      4. the time between quarters,
      5. time-outs (except injury time-outs)
    5. Because the band acts as a spirit group,
      1. members should always act in a positive manner and
      2. must not do anything to distract or negatively affect the opposing team.
      3. It is the director’s responsibility to prevent his/her band from
        1. playing at inappropriate times,
        2. playing inappropriate music, or
        3. taunting the opposing team.