Athletic Director, Coaches and Parents:

Each year member schools and parents of students attending those schools reach out to our office for clarification regarding concurrent participation in activities. The TAPPS By-Laws are specific in this area in several ways.

To be an eligible opponent for TAPPS member schools, an opponent must be a member of a recognized organization.  In addition, the opponent cannot field teams composed of student athletes from multiple high school or homeschool groups. This means the team cannot have students who attend school A playing for the team sponsored by team B.  This applies to home school, charter, TAPPS and other schools.

To be eligible to participate in TAPPS activities for a member school, a student must be a full time day student at the school for which they participate. This is included in the TAPPS Constitution (Article V) and the TAPPS By-Laws (Section 82).

The TAPPS By-Laws (Section 82) restricts full time day students attending a member school from participating with another school or home school program for interscholastic competition. In this instance, a full time day student attending school A cannot play softball for School B whether or not school A has a softball program. This rule  applies whether the league or organization governing school B allows this practice.

Please contact the TAPPS office should questions arise at [email protected] or 254-947-9268.