As we move toward the Winter Break, TAPPS continues to monitor the pandemic across the state.  The present indicators do not provide for the opportunity to relax our protocols at the present time.  Please review the following as you prepare for play over the Winter Break and return to play in January. Through your adherence to and support of these protocols we hope to move towards the Winter Championships when we return in January.


  • Winter Break – TAPPS requires schools to close facilities and abstain from practice or contests for a minimum period of three (3) consecutive days over the Winter break.  This time period includes open gyms, fields and weight rooms. In light of the present pandemic conditions, we recommend strongly that school administrators consider a longer period of time.


  • Capacity for events, both indoor and outdoor, remains at 50%.  TAPPS highly encourages a reduction to 25% in those areas where the outbreak warrants such consideration. 


  • Face Coverings are required for all TAPPS events as outlined below:
    • RequiredAll fans
    • Highly Recommended – Head Coach
    • Required – Assistant Coaches
    • Required – Managers and other Bench Personnel
    • Required – Players not on the court or field
    • Required – Players entering or leaving the arena or stadium
    • Required – Table Crew or Press Box Crew
    • Required – Ticket sellers / takers
    • Chapter Option – Officials as required by the assigning chapter
    • School Option – Players on the court or field of play during warmups or the actual contest. Each school shall determine the requirements for their own players and not for the opposing team.


  • Positive Test Results shall require action by the schools in keeping with their ongoing school protocols.  TAPPS Highly Recommends that those who come in close contact with a player or coach who tests positive be withdrawn from interscholastic competition. Simply sitting out the player testing positive may not provide the long term vision necessary to navigate this pandemic.  This may result in a “no contest” but with the present conditions, not playing now may provide the opportunity to complete the Winter seasons and crown champions. 


  • School closure or transition to virtual learning scenarios should be viewed in light of the following as it pertains to Interscholastic Competition, both district and non district.
    • If the change is a result of positive tests, the school interscholastic teams should refrain from both practice and competition.
    • If the change is precautionary in nature or by previous design, schools may continue to practice and participate as deemed possible by school administration.  


Should questions arise, please contact the TAPPS office at 254-947-9268 or by email at [email protected].


For the Board,

Bryan Bunselmeyer

Executive Director