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Section 237 – Drumline

Fine Art By-Laws
Sections 199-263

  1. Eligibility
    • School
      • Schools must declare their intent to participate by the deadline established on the TAPPS calendar.
      • Schools do not have to participate in the TAPPS Band competition to enter
    • Sponsor
      • Completed must complete SCOPE testing in TAPPSter
      • Professional ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RULES form on file with TAPPS
    • Student
      • Student ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RULES form on file at school
      • Eligibility form filed on TAPPSter
      • Students in grades 8-12 may participate in Tier 1-3 Drumline
      • Students in grades 6 and 7 may participate in MS/HS Drumline only
  2. Entries
    • Each participating school may submit
      • One varsity entry.
      • If space allows a second entry may be allowed in the MS/HS Drumline
    • ENTRY procedure completed on TAPPSter
      • Roster of student participants
      • Photo
  3. Music SelectionPerformance piece may be original or a documented source.
  4. Judging
    • Groups will be judged by a critic or a panel of judges as determined by TAPPS.
    • Judges shall be knowledgeable of the contest and student level of work.
    • Judging shall be
      • Independent
      • Judges will be on the field during the performance
    • Each performance will receive a critique.
      • Recorded comments from judges to be given to competitors if possible
      • Written comments may be given in lieu of oral critiques if necessary
    • Judging Criteria
      • Musicianship: Technique and Execution
      • Overall Performance Effect
      • Overall Program Content
  5. Awards
    • Performances shall be ranked by division.
    • Plaques for 1st-4th place in each division will be awarded.
    • Within each division section awards shall be made for the following as determined by the judge(s).
      • Snare
      • Tenor
      • Bass
      • Cymbal
      • Outstanding Front Ensemble
  6. Competition
    • The competition is an open competition with no district or regional qualifying required for entry.
    • The competition shall be divided into divisions as entries warrant
      • Tier 1 Drumline          16 or more students (8th through 12th grade)
      • Tier 2 Drumline          10 to 15 students (8th through 12th grade)
      • Tier 3  Drumline         3 to 9 students (8th through 12th grade)
      • MS/HS Drumline       3 or more students (6th through 12th grade)
    • Content
      • Announcer and Introduction
        1. Each group will be introduced by the announcer.
        2. Once the line assumes a “ready” position the judge on the field will say “________ High School, are you ready?”
        3. At this time, a simple salute or verbal affirmation that the line is ready for judging will be given.
        4. The announcer will then say “_________ High School, you now have the field for competition”.
      • Time Constraints
        1. Setup- 8 minutes
          1. Prep play while setting up is allowed during setup
        2. Performance- 4 minute minimum,10 minute maximum
        3. Take down- 2 minutes
        4. Penalty shall be enforced for exceeding 20 total time
        5. Mini Clinic/Critique 5 minute
      • Warm-up will take place outside the competition area (parking lot) and must not interfere with group in judged performance.
      • Performance area
        1. Outdoor: From 35 to 35 horizontal on field, and constrained from the sideline to the nearest hash.
          1. These dimensions are 90’ X 53’4”
        2. Indoor: Restricted to the boundary lines of a high school basketball floor.
        3. Critique shall take place outside of the performance area