Good afternoon, 

We hope you have been able to use the month of September to start creating some great images with your students. The contest entry site for the Fall Photo Contest is now open for entries!

A summary of changes and other important information

  • Entries will be made through Varsity Hype, the same contest system we used for the Spring Fine Arts Championships last year.
  • You still need to enter metadata and name your files correctly, but you no longer need to resize them.
  • You will receive an invoice once the contest deadline has passed and entries are closed. You do not need to print one out yourself and mail it in.
  • The Faculty contest is returning this year. Teachers may enter as many times as they like!

We have detailed instructions for submitting your entries, along with video tutorials for getting your photos ready for submission, available on the TAPPS website. In the interest of saving you time we will not be holding a webinar for this contest. Visit for instructions and submission links.

The deadline for submissions is 6 pm, October 30. If you need help with your submissions please contact us at [email protected].

Judging will take place in November and final results will be released before the Christmas break. You can view past award winners here. Please refer to our previous posts about this year’s contest for more information.

We look forward to seeing you and your students’ entries this year!

John Skees
Director of Media