Athletic Directors and Coaches:

With the Volleyball and Fall Soccer seasons beginning next week and Football shortly thereafter, please make sure your schedules are entered into Rank One and that those Schedules are public. Make sure Game Results are also public. Thank you in advance for helping to provide timely information for our schools and fans.

Please review your schedules to ensure that you are in compliance with each sports season limits:

Volleyball 24 games and 3 Tournaments

Fall Soccer 20 games and 3 Tournaments

Football        10 games over 11 weeks

In addition, since certification for Fall Soccer and Volleyball is on October 25, no district games should be scheduled on October 23-25. These dates should be reserved in the event that tie-breakers are necessary to resolve final district standings.

If you need a quick refresher on entering team schedules, please review the information linked below. Please use Scrimmage, Tournament, Non-District and District to identify the Game Type.

Creating Schedules

Making Schedules Public

Entering Game Scores

As a reminder, there are sanctions in place in the TAPPS governance for noncompliance, so please make plans to have schedules and scores in Rank One as required.

If questions arise, please contact the TAPPS office at 254-947-9268 or by email at

[email protected].