Fall Transfer Deadline and Senior Transfer Deadline

Administrators and Athletic Directors:

With the Fall Sports underway for our member schools, please take note of the Fall Transfer Deadline which is posted on the TAPPS Approved Calendar as September 5, 2023.  We are aware that this date follows a traditional school holiday.

While the transfer approval process may not be complete, the action items below are critical for fall eligibility to be established.

  • Students must be withdrawn from the previous school
  • Students must be enrolled at the new school
  • Students must be attending the new school as a full time day student

For students to be eligible to participate in FALL Activities, they must meet all of the criteria listed above. Fall Activities for TAPPS include cross country, fall soccer, football, one act play and volleyball.

In addition, September 5, 2023 is also the Senior Transfer Deadline. Students transferring to a member school for their senior year must have withdrawn from their previous school, be enrolled, and be attending the new school by the Transfer Deadline date shown on the TAPPS calendar. The senior transfer deadline applies to all competitive activities throughout the school year.

If questions arise, please contact the TAPPS office at 254-947-9268 or by email at [email protected].