Fan Behavior

Administrators, Athletic Directors and Coaches:

As we approach district play in our fall sports, interschool rivalries are revived and the intensity of the competitions increases both on the fields and courts as well as in the stands.  As a result, our fans desire to be “a part of the action” as they support their teams and student athletes. In recent years, and even recent months, examples of fans boldly crossing the lines of appropriate behavior at interscholastic, college and professional events have made headlines. Because of these incidents, we are taking this opportunity to remind our schools that Competition with Honor is more than just a motto. It was chosen to represent the highest standards for competition amongst our member schools.

Please take a minute to review the TAPPS motto (Competition with Honor), mission and vision statements. Additionally, please take a minute to review your school’s mission and vision statements. I believe in most respects the TAPPS and School statements will align to foster positive environments in which our students feel secure and supported as they mature both in the classroom and in the extracurricular activities in which they participate.

With the fall competition ramping up, please review your expectations of acceptable behavior with your students, your fans and all those who support your teams.  There is no place in interscholastic activities for hateful and derogatory chants, signs or actions. Simply put – we encourage our coaches, spirit groups and fans to enthusiastically cheer and support their teams.  Cheer them on to their best performances.

Treat the officials and the opposing team as your guests.  Derogatory cheers, shouts signs, chants or other actions directed at the officials or opponent players or coaches should not be tolerated. In addition, we cannot and do not tolerate any abusive behavior based on race, color, gender or religion.

TAPPS requires a game administrator to be present at each home game for your school.  It is their responsibility on game day to help ensure the most supportive environment for all the competitors and their fans. Thank you to all who serve as game administrators for helping to provide all of the student athletes their best opportunity for success.

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has produced a Fan Behavior course hosted on the NFHSLearn website.  We encourage our member school leadership to utilize the course as best fits the needs of your school.

As an association of schools which are much more similar than different, please help all of our combined stakeholders see the TAPPS motto – COMPETITION WITH HONOR – play out on the courts, fields and competition areas across this great state.