Fan Behavior is a critical component of providing a positive atmosphere at all TAPPS contests. It is each school’s responsibility to model, teach and expect good sportsmanship from all in attendance.

Fans should not be a disruption to the playing of the contest. Instead, they should be expected to provide positive, enthusiastic support for their team while respecting their opponent.

  1. Fans should not attempt to engage officials in conversation prior to, during or approach them after the game.
  2. Fans should not enter the court or field of play. Instead, they should remain in the stands:
    1. During pre-game warm-ups and at halftime
    2. During the contest
    3. Until all players, coaches and officials have left the floor or field
  3. Fans should never throw objects of any kind in the stands, or toward the court.
  4. Fans should never “rush the court or field” after a game to celebrate as this action may cause safety issues or misunderstandings with your opponents.

TAPPS requires a game administrator from the home school at all high school level contests. In addition, during district and post season play a game administrator is required for the visiting team as well. The game administrators should work together to provide a safe and positive culture for the event. Violations of the above or similar disruptions at TAPPS events will be reviewed by TAPPS. If warranted after review of film and testimony, sanctions for the offending school may include but are not limited to monetary fines and losing the privilege of having fans in attendance at future contests.

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has produced a free instructional video on Sportsmanship that is an outstanding resource. We recommend you share this with your administration, coaches, faculty, students and parents. The link to access this course may be found below:


Fan behavior continues to provide a major point of emphasis for contests at all levels of play. The responsibility for your fan base rests with your school and your school’s administration. Together, we must work to provide a positive culture for all those involved in interscholastic competition.

For the Board,

Bryan Bunselmeyer
Executive Director