Fine Art Directors and Directors:

As we continue to move through the summer, our office continues to secure facilities and arrange dates for all of our competitions. This year has proven different than most years as a result of the solar eclipse which will be most visible in Waco on April 8. The greater Waco area is fully embracing this opportunity to host out of town visitors and create celebrations that encompass the weekend and week. While the eclipse is good for Waco, it has resulted in changes being necessary for our competitions.  Please review the dates below and update your calendars with the changes. In addition, please make sure to bookmark the Calendar page on the TAPPS website to stay up to date on any additional changes.

  • October 23           Drumline, Field Band and Marching Band       Waco ISD Athletic Complex
  • November 1         One Act Play District Certification Deadline
  • November 8-9      One Act Play Championships – Division I         Kerrville – Cailloux Theater
  • November 10-11   One Act Play Championships – Division II        Kerrville – Cailloux Theater
  • November 13-14   One Act Play Championships – Division III      Kerrville – Cailloux Theater
  • December 5          Cheer Championships – Large Schools           Belton – Bell County Expo
  • December 4          Cheer Championships – Small School             Belton – Bell County Expo
  • December 16        Fall Esports Championships                            TBD
  • January 13            Dance Championships                                     Waco – BASE at Extraco
  • February 19          Solo and Small Ensemble                                 Houston
  • February 20          Solo and Small Ensemble                                 West Texas
  • February 21          Solo and Small Ensemble                                 San Antonio
  • February 23          Solo and Small Ensemble                                  Austin
  • February 24          Solo and Small Ensemble                                  Fort Worth
  • April 6                   Robotics                                                             Waco – BASE at Extraco
  • April 9-10              Art Championships                                             Waco – BASE at Extraco
  • April 13                 Vocal Music Championships                               Hewitt – Midway High School
  • TBD                      Band Championships                                          TBD
  • April 20                 Orchestra Championships                                   Austin – Brentwood Christian
  • April 22-24            Academics and Speech Championships             Waco Convention Center
  • May 3                   Fine Arts of the Year Nominations Deadline
  • June 5                  TAPPSCON24                                                     Waco – BASE at Extraco

As we continue to navigate finalizing contracts with our host facilities, changes may be required. We will do our best to hold to the schedule shown above and posted on the TAPPS Official calendar shown on the TAPPS website.

As questions arise, please contact our office at 254-947-9268 or by email at [email protected].