Athletic Directors and Football Coaches:

With week 1 games beginning, we have had several inquiries as to the TAPPS “mercy rule” for football from coaches and officials alike.  Please review the following as you prepare for the games ahead and prepare your scoreboard personnel charged with keeping the game score and time.

The following rules are in place for all contests between two (2) TAPPS member schools throughout the season; non-district, district, and playoffs. These rules cannot be amended or suspended by the coaches or schools involved.

Six Man (Section 163)

  • When one team is 45 or more points ahead at the end of the first half or if a team secures a 45 point lead during the second half, the game is ended immediately.

11 Man (Section 158) 

  • In the event the score differential of an 11 MAN FOOTBALL contest reaches 40 or more points, the following provisions are to be implemented.
  • First half timekeeping will not be affected.
  • After half time, once the 40 point differential is reached, the Clock will run continuously except for the following stoppages:
    • Time Outs, End of Quarter, Injury Time Outs
  • Once the Continuous Clock has begun, timekeeping does not revert back to normal procedures even if the point differential is reduced to below 40 points.
  • Applies to all contests involving two TAPPS schools.

If questions arise, please contact the TAPPS office at 254-947-9268 or by phone at [email protected].