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Section 138, cont. – Game Administrator

Athletic By-Laws
Sections 130-198

Schools shall abide by rules in the Constitution, by rules in the By-Laws, by rules in the Contest Rules, by rules in the TAPPS News Briefs, by regulations issued from the TAPPS office in the coaches and administrator’s sports manuals, and other official notices from the TAPPS office.  Where any term or section of the Contest Rules and/or the coaches and administrators’ sports manuals is found to be inconsistent with the Constitution and By-Laws, the Constitution and By-Laws shall prevail and apply and the remaining terms and sections of the Contest Rules and/or the coaches and administrator’s sports manuals shall continue in effect.

  1. GAME ADMINISTRATOR. In all TAPPS varsity athletic team contests, a game administrator shall be ap­pointed by the home school. It is highly recommended that a game administrator be present for all sub-varsity games as well.  Teams advancing to the state playoffs must insure that an administrator is appointed and present for each game which is held for football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball and softball. The administrator should make themselves known to and be available to assist officials prior to, during or after the contest.  That person must be a coach (other than the game coach), teacher, or admin­istrator.  It is recommended that a game administrator be designated by the home school for all non-varsity athletic team contests.  The responsibilities of the game administrator are as follows:
    • Health and Safety
      • Shall be trained in the Emergency Action Plan for the facility
      • Shall know the location of the AED at the facility
      • Shall be trained in the use of the AED
    • Officials
      • see that officials are directed to their dressing room;
      • meet with the officials prior to game time (preferably on the playing field or court);
      • inform the officials where the game administrator will be seated;
      • assist the officials if they need to discourage unsportsmanlike conduct of a fan, player, or coach (such as removal from the gym);
      • check with the officials after the game to see if there is any misconduct that needs to be reported;
      • provide an escort for the officials to their cars;
    • Report
      •  all incidents to the school administrator (home team or visitor) including;
        • severe verbal abuse or physical contact of any game official
        • Verbal or physical contact between fans and any ejections of coaches and fans to the TAPPS office in writing within the next two working days.