Are you tired of the hassle of screening music for your events? It’s time to shift the spotlight back to your players and fans! Let Neptune GameTime handle the music, ensuring every track played is 100% lyric-safe and perfectly tailored to pump up the crowd.

School Districts, Schools, and Athletic Directors turn to us when:

  • They’ve had enough of the inappropriate or derogatory music embarrassing them at their facilities.
  • They want to boost their program’s image and create an electrifying game-day atmosphere.
  • They’re searching for innovative ways to promote sponsors and generate new revenue streams.

Neptune GameTime offers our partners:

  • A worry-free music experience with over 41,000 lyric-safe songs spanning various genres. No more screening – just enjoy the energy and variety!
  • One-touch, on-demand access to an extensive sound effects library, walk-up music, custom playlists, and additional features, guaranteeing a professional gameday atmosphere.
  • Customized messaging tailored to your school, featuring branding, health and safety announcements, and much more.
  • The opportunity to generate additional revenue through sponsorships and ads on your GameTime station – at no extra cost to you!

Ready to create an unforgettable game day experience for YOUR school? Click [here] to learn more about Neptune GameTime.