As we look to the end of Fall activities for the 2020-21 school year, 2021-22 is right around the corner.  The TAPPS Executive Board met yesterday to approve the tentative dates as shown below to assist with your planning and scheduling.  A more complete preliminary calendar will be released in mid-January.


July 26-August 1 Dead Week

August 2 First Day for PRACTICE – Fall Soccer, Football, Volleyball

August 5 First Day for PADS – Football

August 5 First Day for SCRIMMAGE – Fall Soccer, Volleyball

August 9 First Day for GAMES – Fall Soccer, Volleyball

August 12 First Day for First SCRIMMAGE – Football

August 15 SENIOR Transfer Deadline

August 18 First Day for Second SCRIMMAGE – Football

August 26-28 Week 1 for Football


September 1 TAPPS Contract and Fees dues

September 7 FALL Transfer Deadline

September 7 Enrollment Snapshot Day


October 20 District Certification – Fall Soccer (All Districts)


November 2 WINTER Transfer Deadline

November 2 Enrollment Snapshot Day

November 2 District Certification – One Act Play (All Divisions and Districts)

November 3  District Certification – Volleyball (All Classifications and Districts)

November 6 District Certification – Football (All Divisions and Districts)


The above dates are preliminary and are subject to change.  If questions arise, please feel free to contact the TAPPS office at 254-947-9268 or by email at [email protected].