I hope your New Year is off to a great start! Our team at Crave-It Nutrition, would love to provide a free staff luncheon for you and your staff. We are a local business that works with schools to manage their food service programs across Texas. Crave-It Nutrition partners with private schools and childcare programs of various demographics, age ranges, and sizes to provide a high-quality meal service.

Crave-It Nutrition is offering to set up a free staff luncheon for any school that would be interested in speaking with them about their services. Below are a few of the things that distinguish them from other companies in the area.

Why Crave-It?

  • Easy-to-use meal ordering platform
  • Pre-ordering available up to a day prior to service
  • Same-day lunch & snack purchasing available for cook on-site schools
  • 4-5 meal options per day (including healthy options)
  • Affordable pricing (starting at $5.00)
  • 5-Star customer service
  • High-quality meals: Hot food & large portions!
  • No cost or admin work for you or your team
  • Customer-Centric menu creation

To schedule a call to speak with Jackson about Crave-It Nutrition’s meal service, or to schedule the free staff luncheon, just reach out to Jackson at the contact information below. You can find an overview of their services at this link on their website.

Owner: Jackson Belcher

Email: jacksonbelcher@craveitnutrition.com

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