Fine Arts Directors and Music Directors

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TAPPS rules allow for instrumental substitutions to cover parts. TAPPS  rules also require that re-arrangements of music not affect the difficulty of the music selection. As these two rules can frequently come in conflict (trombone parts given to baritones or cello parts given to violas etc) the following clarification will be the standard:

On Class 2 and 3 small ensembles an instrument may be substituted. (The PML has various flex arrangements to support this allowance).

Class 1 (hard) solos and ensembles MUST be played using the instrumentation as published and/or listed in the PML. Arrangements that change the approved published instrumentation will not be allowed.

One for one instrumental substitutions will be allowed for medium and large ensembles as outlined in the TAPPS by-laws.

If questions arise, please contact the TAPPS office at [email protected] or 254-947-9268.