Chapters shall be paid for scrimmages using the following fee schedule:

Baseball $100.00
Basketball $100.00
Football $150.00
Soccer $100.00
Softball $100.00
Volleyball $100.00

(Fees are based on a three-hour scrimmage.)

NOTE: After three hours, each additional hour is $75 for all sports except football, which is $100 each additional hour. The fees paid are regardless of the level of competition. The fee will be paid to the local chapter and not to the individual officials, to be used in place of assignment or service fees. A portion of these fees should be used for education, retention and recruitment of officials.

Chapters that agree to provide officials and charge for scrimmages are under obligation to provide officials for the school for the entire season, grades 7-12. A chapter that requests a service/assignor fee from schools will not be a chapter in good standing and thus will not be eligible for post-season assignments.