Panel Series

The TAPPSCON24 Panel Series has the best lineup ever. Panels are an opportunity to listen, learn and contribute. Here is the lineup.

Athletic Administrators sponsored by Vital Signs

June 6 – 3:30pm

The athletic director panel will again be headed by legendary athletic director and football coach Carlos Enrico. This group, representing different sized schools from across the state, will address a variety of topics important to TAPPS administrators and coaches.

Moderator: Carlos Enrico Former Central Catholic – Athletic Director

Panelist: Devlyn Lovell Antonian College Prep HS

Panelist: Eric Littleton Midland Classical School

Panelist: Jay Helzer Denton Calvary Academy

Panelist: Sheila Henderson Regents School of Austin

Panelist: Tracy Howard Southwest Christian School

11 Man Football sponsored by G8RTech

June 6 – 2:00pm

The football panel features coaches of programs on the rise and champions,as well as an authority on the latest protective gear.. 7-time TAPPS state champion,Joe Prud’homme, will serve as moderator. Current topics and keys to successful programs will be discussed.

Moderator: Joe Prud’homme former Nolan Catholic and Texas Wesleyan Head Coach

Panelist: J.C. Wingo G8RTech

Panelist: Daniel Novakov Parish Episcopal School

Panelist: Rich McGuire St. Thomas High School

Panelist: Mike Harrision Holy Cross of San Antonio

Panelist: Jason Lovvorn First Baptist Academy

6 Man Football sponsored by G8RTech

June 7 – 11:45am

The 6 Man football panel will be led by longtime TAPPS coach, Jeremy Wentrcek. This session offers the opportunity for TAPPS coaches to share ideas and discuss their programs. There will be an additional session schedule following for a general clinic. White boards and markers will be available for X’s and O’s.

Moderator: Jeremy Wentrcek The Christian School at Castle Hills

Panelist: Chris Chacon        San Marcos Academy

Panelist: Justin Larsen        First Baptist Christian Academy

Panelist: Don McEvoy        Heritage Christian Academy

Panelist: Matt Tarbutton                Round Rock Christian Academy

Panelist: Matt Garza        The Christian School at Castle Hills


June 7 – 11:45am

The basketball panel offers an opportunity to discuss this ever changing sport with its new challenges. Multiple Hall of Famer, Bishop Lynch coach Andy Zihlman, will serve as the moderator. There will be an additional session following for a general clinic. White boards and markers will be available for X’s and O’s.

Moderator: Andy Zihlman Bishop Lynch High School

Panelist: Nikki Nester Ursuline Academy of Dallas

Panelist: Eddie Ybarra Central Catholic

Panelist: Matt Neidigk        Concordia Lutheran High School

Panelist: Chris Ryburn Midland Christian High School

Panelist: Chris Twine St. Thomas’ Episcopal School

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