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Esports platform partners with the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools to offer organized esports programs for students, providing access to premier game titles and college scholarship opportunities

LOS ANGELES, CA – June 16, 2020 – Today, PlayVS furthers its mission to bring esports to high schools nationwide by announcing TAPPS as the newest addition to its roster of partners. The current waitlist to build an interscholastic esports program with PlayVS is over 16,000 schools long and spans across all 50 US states.

For the first time, PlayVS is teaming up with TAPPS to bring students a new opportunity. This opportunity reaches students who may otherwise have no outlet for their passions in traditional sports or extracurriculars. Introducing esports into these offerings provides a safe, supervised space to compete while coaches instill critical teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.

“TAPPS is excited to partner with PlayVS to bring esports to our member schools” said Executive Director Bryan Bunselmeyer. “Esports is a growing opportunity for students in our member schools. It is available for those who may not be interested in our current offerings as well as those who engage in sports and other school activities regularly. We believe strongly engagement in extracurricular activities provides opportunities for student success.

“Esports provide a new opportunity for students to become engaged in their school community doing something they love,” said Dr. Clint Kennedy, Director of Education & Acquisition at PlayVS. “It opens the door to scholarships, local and state recognition, and newfound connections between students. We are excited to work directly with TAPPS teachers and schools to build out their esports programs starting this fall.”

During the first two years of PlayVS’ ‘Seasons,’ esports teams nationwide had an average of 15 players per program, with more than one in three players participating in their first-ever school activity. More than 70% of the students who participated said they found a community to connect with, and more than 40% plan on using their esports experience to apply for colleges and universities.

The cost to participate per season is $64 for each player or less when schools activate a larger team. This cost provides students with a full suite of unlocked, in-game content (valued at over $700) and access to the full games themselves (each valued at $20-$60). Most schools already have the required computer equipment in existing labs or libraries, making esports a simple, low-cost/high-benefit program to get off the ground. Schools can register their teams for this upcoming fall season by signing up at PlayVS.com.

For more information on PlayVS, please visit https://www.playvs.com/.

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PlayVS is the premier high school esports provider, in partnership with the NFHS and 20 state associations. Its product is the single destination where players come together to compete, fans gather to spectate and coaches manage their programs. Through partnerships with top game publishers, PlayVS powers inclusive league and State Championship play across the nation. For more information, visit www.playvs.com.


Chartered in 1978, the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) serves to organize, stimulate, encourage and promote the academic, athletic and fine arts programs in an effort to foster a spirit of fair play, good fellowship, true sportsmanship and wholesome competition for boys and girls. From a humble beginning of 20 member schools in 1978, twelve of which remain members, TAPPS has grown to a membership of 230 schools with a combined enrollment of over 40,000 students.