Fine Art Directors and Esport Coaches,

Upcoming deadline for Spring 2021 PlayVS FEBRUARY 26

A message from our PlayVS Partner

Spring 2021 esports is just around the corner and all that is left is to enroll. We’ve updated our enrollment process to help make everything easier for you — we even created videos to show you step-by-step instructions!

Instruction Video for PlayVS Registration

TAPPS Eligibility and Compliance in Rank One

  1. Coaches listed as Program Director or Assistant Program Director
  2. Coaches complete individual profile compliance and professional acknowledgement of rules.
  3. Create your Varsity Programs under your Activities Information.   Add new program for each game title. 
  4. Build your rosters under Participant Management.
  5. Make sure all students are ELIGIBLE to participate.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].