May 30, 2024

Administrators and Athletic Directors:

As the 2023-24 school year comes to a close, we continue preparations for 2024-25 and beyond. In the past 15 years, the technology needed in our schools and our

organizations moved forward with amazing pace.

Our original developed database, TAPPSter, evolved over many years allowing our staff to manage student eligibility and our hosted events for almost ten years. As the program developed, more and more opportunities were found for the database. However, with expansion also came limitations which could not be overcome.

As our organization needs changed, our partnership with Rank One solidified.  Rank One became our mandated platform for establishing student / coach eligibility for our schools and our organization. Through our partnership, the Rank One basic platform was mandated by TAPPS for use at no charge for our member schools. The Rank One organizational model no longer allows that their program be mandated which changes our partnership dynamic.

Rank One remains a valued TAPPS partner and school resource as we move forward for our member schools. The Rank One platform evolution to Rank One Pro will provide additional technological integrations schools may wish to employ in their overall athletic and fine art department operations. What does this Rank One change mean for you? While TAPPS will no longer cover the cost of Rank One Classic for Athletics ($1,000 per campus) nor Fine Arts ($1,000 per campus) we are fully supportive of your continued use. If you wish to continue with the Rank One platform and open up online forms for the 2024/2025 school year, please email [email protected]. You will then be invoiced on July 1.

Today our management needs lead us to our next organizational platform, the TAPPS Management System (TMS) which will allow us to both manage our student / coach eligibility and our TAPPS hosted events. We will be converting to this database over the coming year. We know that the timing makes this change challenging and we appreciate your assistance as we migrate the data. More information on the transition will be presented next week at TAPPSCON24 and throughout the summer as we move forward.


Bryan Bunselmeyer

Executive Director