Athletic Directors:

Removal from Contest and Storming the Court/Field

As we continue to progress through our winter athletic contests and towards district play, Sportsmanship and Competition with Honor will remain important factors in all of our member schools’ athletic programs. We want to remind you that the TAPPS Executive Board unanimously approved to increase the penalties in the cases of a coach, athlete or fan being removed from an athletic contest. In addition, the Board agreed to address the issue of fans rushing the field, court or pitch. The following changes and additions are in place for the 2023-24 school year:

  • Removal from Contest:
    • Fan – school is fined $250
    • Player – 1 game suspension (1st half of next game in football) and a $100 fine ($200 fine for playoffs)
    • Coach – 2 game suspension (1 game in football), public reprimand and a $300 fine ($500 fine for playoffs)
  • After 3 ejections (player or coach) in a sport/5 ejections as a school

In addition to a required meeting by the coaches and AD with TAPPS, the AD will receive a public reprimand and probation.

  • Fans rushing the field/court/pitch at the buzzer with no incident (players and officials no longer on the court):
    • First Offense – warning
    • Second Offense – $1500 fine
    • Third Offense – $1500 fine and no fans at next game
  • Fans rushing the field/court/pitch at the buzzer with players and officials still on the court:
    • First Offense – $1500 fine
    • Second Offense – $1500 fine and no fans at next game
    • Third Offense – Additional sanctions to be determined by TAPPS

With these thoughts in mind, the TAPPS Office has created a brief video that we encourage you to review and to share with all of your stakeholders.

Fan Behavior

Please join TAPPS in our 2023-24 commitment to Competition with Honor.

If questions arise, please contact the TAPPS office at 254-947-9268 or by email at [email protected].