TAPPS Athletic Directors and Head Baseball Coaches:

The spring sports season is beginning this semester. Coaches should be finalizing schedules and entering into the TAPPS data system. Coaches also need to prepare their process for reporting scores and pitch counts.

Section 138 requires scores for varsity games to be entered no later than 48 hours after the conclusion of the contest. Score reporting is essential to maintaining accurate standings.

Consequences for failure to report scores in a timely manner are listed in Section 138 (see details below).

Schools which fail to input scores in a timely manner (48 Hours) shall be subject to the following sanctions:

  • After 2 games in TEAM SPORTS (other than Football):
    • First Offense Warning
    • Second Offense Reprimand to Head Coach / 1 Game Suspension
    • Additional Offense Penalties shall escalate

In addition, Baseball is required at the varsity AND sub-varsity level to report pitch counts. This is a health and safety rule.

Score and pitch count reporting should be a regular part of each program’s in-season routine. If there is a schedule change from the original schedule entered in Rank One, please edit the schedule accordingly so it does not appear as though a score is missing.

Pitch counts are required to be entered through ScoreBird.

This can be accomplished, free of charge, by using the ScoreBird Web Portal.


The ScoreBird Admin App provides impressive capabilities and convenience. It is available for purchase.

Here is an important message from Brian Master, ScoreBird’s TAPPS Representative

I hope this email finds you well as we move into the second semester. I want to welcome you to the Scorebird Pitch Count App, which can be accessed through your Scorebird Administration App. If you do not have the Administration App, you may download it from your app store and create an account.

As most of you know, Scorebird is the Official Scoring Provider for ALL of TAPPS. When reporting final scores, you are required to report through the Web Portal or on our Scorebird App. In addition to the final scores, we have a Pitch Count App, which is new and improved from last year. By using our pitch count app either live or after the game, through our app with two clicks of a button you are simultaneously reporting your final score to Rank One and your pitch counts to TAPPS! So, no more spreadsheets to submit and additional time required after a long game. This can all be done within 5 minutes after the game. The cost for this automation and time saver is only $300 per season and can be used for all levels within your program. We are offering special pricing at $275 for any school that purchases by January 23, 2023.

Attached are two videos. The first one introduces the Pitch Count App and the second one is an instructional video showing you the ease of using the app.


Scorebird Admin App: Pitch Count with the voiceover – YouTube

Easily report your pitch count using our Scorebird Admin App!Download Scorebird Admin App:Play Market:



Scorebird Admin App: How to use Pitch Count

Easily report your pitch count using our Scorebird Admin App! Download Scorebird Admin App: Play Market: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scorebird.customermanagement&hl=en&gl=US&pli=1

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/scorebird-admin/id1472227801