Athletic Directors and Fine Art Directors,

Please make sure all activities, sports(M) or (F) or fine arts(C), that your school participates in has a Head Coach or Program Director assigned.

Emails are sent to those listed and we do not want anyone to miss information they may need. Make sure you assign every role that a person may have, and a person can have roles on both sides of RankOne, Athletics and Fine Arts.
i.e. Jane Doe-Head Coach-Volleyball, Asst. Coach-Girls Basketball, Program Director-Art

Athletic Directors can update both sides of RankOne, where Fine Art Directors can only update the Fine Arts side. You can assign more than 1 Assistant Athletic Director or Assistant Fine Arts Director if you would like. That way they would be able to help with rosters, schedules, etc. for any activity.

Make sure you are on the correct screen in RankOne, Blue for Athletics and Red for Fine Arts.

If you need assistance please call the office, 254-947-9268.

Thank you
TAPPS Office