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Schools shall abide by rules in the Constitution, by rules in the By-Laws, by rules in the Contest Rules, by rules in the TAPPS News Briefs, by regulations issued from the TAPPS office in the coaches and administrator’s sports manuals, and other official notices from the TAPPS office.  Where any term or section of the Contest Rules and/or the coaches and administrators’ sports manuals is found to be inconsistent with the Constitution and By-Laws, the Constitution and By-Laws shall prevail and apply and the re­maining terms and sections of the Contest Rules and/or the coaches and administrator’s sports manuals shall continue in effect. SCHEDULES

    • TAPPS Member Schools shall schedule contests with school sponsored teams.
    • TAPPS Member Schools may schedule contests with Home School teams.
    • TAPPS Member Schools shall not schedule contests with Home School teams who have other than home school students in their organization.
    • TAPPS Member Schools shall not schedule contests with teams comprised of students from multiple schools or home school groups.
    • TAPPS Member Schools shall not schedule contests with select, AAU, Club or other similar teams.
    • TAPPS Member Schools shall not schedule scrimmages or contests with post-high school teams.
    • TAPPS Member Schools shall not schedule scrimmages or contests with schools, home school organizations, or other such groups who are members of the Texas Christian Athletic League (TCAL).
    • Schools wishing to schedule interstate opponents must obtain approval from TAPPS prior to participating in any single contest or tournament event.
    • Schools may not participate against schools not in GOOD STANDING with the recognized NFHS organization for their state in pool play, tournament play or individual contests.  It is the responsibility of the TAPPS member school and not the tournament organizer to insure compliance with this rule.
    • For contests in which the out of state opponent is traveling to Texas,
      • School must be a member in good standing of a recognized State High School organization with eligibility rules in keeping with TAPPS standards.
      • OUT OF STATE OPPONENT Application must be completed and approved prior to the date of competition.
    • For contests in which the TAPPS member school is traveling out of Texas
      • The single contest or tournament must be sanctioned and approved by the NFHS.
      • OUT OF STATE OPPONENT Application must be completed and approved prior to the date of competition.
    • are set by action of the District Executive Committee.
    • Game days originally agreed upon, either by district schedule or agreement between schools can only be changed by mutual agreement of the schools involved.  Change is only valid when agreed upon in writing by both schools.
    • If a school forfeits a district game, and does not play that game,
      • the forfeiting school shall not be eligible for the playoffs.
      • None of the games involving the team cancelling the game will count towards the district standings. It is as if the team was never a part of the district.
      • The individual players on the team are still eligible for consideration for all-district and all-state.
      • If the game is played and later ordered to be forfeited by the District Executive Committee or if the school willingly forfeits the game after discovering an ineligible player, or some other rule violation, the team is not automatically removed from the playoffs.
      • The team’s won/loss record for district play, including any losses due to the forfeiture of teams that have played, shall be considered to determine if the team qualifies for a playoff berth.
    • Schools shall not forfeit any district games in order to play non-district games.  Schools in violation of this provision will be subject to the range of penalties.
    • At the time of district certification, the district president shall certify all schools that will participate in the playoffs. Upon qualifying for the playoffs, schools must notify the TAPPS office in writing if their team will not participate in all playoff games in which they qualify as scheduled by TAPPS. If for any reason, the team cannot follow the schedule as provided by TAPPS the school shall remove itself from the playoffs without penalty so that the next highest ranked team may represent the district in the playoffs.
    • If a contest cannot be played as scheduled or completed as defined by the governing rules of the activity and the visiting team was not notified in advance of the situation or if the situation occurs during the contest
      • earnest effort should be expended to find an acceptable playing site so that the game may be played without additional travel expenses for team and fans.
      • A host school does not have to forfeit the contest unless the district executive committee rules that they have been negligent
      • If the contest is rescheduled, the home team will host the game at a mutually agreed date and time and reimburse the visiting school 50 cents per mile.
      • By mutual agreement, the visiting team may host the make-up game and no travel allowance shall be required.
      • If at the time of game stoppage one team has outscored the other, the losing coach may choose to accept the score as final
    • Regular Season.  A school that does not participate in a sport after signing the intent to participate form should notify the TAPPS office as soon as possible if declaring no participation..  A school may be sus­pended by the TAPPS Executive Board in that activity for a period of one year, unless sufficient justification is shown for not participating.
    • A school failing to participate in a sport after declaring for the sport(by submission of fees and contract) shall not participate in other district, regional, or state events until a fee equal to the event fee has been paid to the TAPPS office.
    • A game or match cancelled after the contract has been signed, unless both parties agree to the cancellation, shall be for¬feited by the team canceling the game or match.
    • In football, when two schools agree to play on a 2-year basis, a contract should be signed by the two schools, and agree that the home team shall keep 100% of the gate receipts, and the game is canceled the second year by the team that received 100% of the gate receipts the first year, the team that received no gate the first year is entitled to 50% of the net gate receipts from the first game unless mutually agreed otherwise.  This is in addition to the forfeiture fee included in the contract.
    • Playoffs. Any school which qualifies for the playoffs in a sport and fails to participate or complete the official schedule of games/ matches, unless excused for valid reasons by the TAPPS Executive Board, may be suspended from that activity for a period not to exceed one calendar year.